Eva Pauly und Roman Schiele

Cooperation and constructive collaboration for leaders, employees and teams

We offer leadership training and coaching, team development, business mediation and conflict management. 

As coaches and mediator with extensive leadership experience, we support you in increasing constructive collaboration and creating the basis for more satisfaction, innovative change and sustainable success.

This website is currently only available in German. However, we provide almost all our services in English as well.

How can we support you?


Leadership Training

Do you want to be the best leader you can be?

In our leadership training you will learn how to lead your team more effectively and achieve better results together. You will also learn how to take better care of yourself.  

Leadership Coaching

Whenever you find the answer to your current most important question yourself, it is very likely that you will successfully put your solution into practice. This is in contrast to when you receive “good advice”.

In our one-to-one leadership coaching we support you in finding your answers.

Business Mediation

Conflicts in a working relationship – within a company or between companies – can become a significant burden for everyone involved. 

Mediation is a proven, structured method for conflict resolution. Mediation not only results in a solution all parties can agree with, but also provides a good chance for a constructive future working relationship.

Team Development

You will certainly be familiar with the great feeling of having achieved something extraordinary within a team. 

However, while collaborating with others we often face various challenges which prevent us from achieving that.

In such situations, a team workshop is a helpful measure.


Conflict Management

Without conflict, no development happens in organizations. Lively discussions are the prerequisite for innovation and progress. 

Too many conflicts or those which go too far are counterproductive, however. They poison the atmosphere and may paralyze an organization. 

Systematic conflict management helps the company find a good balance.

About us

Eva Pauly

… brings extensive professional experience of various leadership and project roles in one of the most international companies in the world. Her key focus areas were business consulting and human resources. Eva holds a diploma in business administration, is a mediator and a business coach.  

Roman Schiele

… has been working successfully for 30 years as a managing director of hospitals and social facilities. He studied law, holds a diploma in business administration and is a business- and private coach. Today Roman is the managing director of a social facility in Bavaria.

We look forward to supporting you. Please contact us and arrange an initial consultation This is of course free of charge and involves no obligation whatsoever.